Wishful Thinking

by Skewby

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released August 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Skewby Memphis

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Track Name: Wake Up
[Verse 1]

All my friends had kids,
When they had fake IDs,
Got jobs they don't want,
For money they do need,
Drive cars they don't like,
But pay them high gas fees,
They still eat fast food,
but damn it they hungry,
What I'm saying "they" for,
I woke up in a 06' honda,
Tell Future quit playin' bro,
Yeah the present is a gift,
but my mortgage got a lift,
Self esteem took a shot,
I came back triple strength,
Never learned how to quit,
I got angels,
Pillow talk with a twist,
That's my label,
Ghost writers, find my pens you're in danger,
Could've wrote a book in revalations,
Born a lil' late, now it's poetry for strangers,
Oh yeah,
Generation X, all dreams no patience,
But I wouldn't change it,
Hell, i'm going places,
Kill the victim playing, system blaming, and get it,
I know too many with potential that missed it

[Verse 2]

Low standards, happy life,
Thats the trick ain't it,
Tried that, got bored,
Yo, i'm gear changing,
That's why, I hated school,
It was fear based,
Had a voice,
You busy trying keep me in place,
Stop that,
I'm the future of your country,
Do you want that,
Feelin' oppressed till' I see pressure,
And we bust that,
Do what you expect me to do,
see your building, take your rules,
Bust a nut, bust a move,
Who are you?
Not that person on the net,
Who are you?
Not that person you respect,
Who are you?
I been searching for the answers,
Been recording what I find,
Tell you story, dawg,
Keep doing you,
Liked rap, bought a booth,
I was only 15, bagging groceries came through,
Leaders got bad taste,
So I took it to the youth,
Don't wait for the perfect time,
Don't you wait to get approved,
Wake up
Track Name: Time
[Verse 1]

I got all the time in the world,
Imma shine on you girl,
Imma shine on you,
If you ever grow tired,
Then I'll shine for you,
You don't want to see the future,
I'll go blind for you,
That's love, that's love,
When you hate me,
I still come home to a back rub,
When I hate you,
I still say yes when I mean no,
It's me though,
Couldn't buy snacks at the movies,
So I brought Doritos,
Just for you,
We came a long way since,
Our first kiss went french,
We planned to curfew miss,
Broke up to see what we missed,
And then came back after all,
Every kid makes that mistake,
Like wearing shades in the mall,
Or talking back to they mom,
Fo' she slap you in the neck,
Life provides a pimp hand,
It'll keep that ass in check,
When I could I came correct,
When you could you proved me wrong,
Or I pretend that you're right,
Whatever helps us move on, but


Before I knew myself,
I knew I had the time,
Before you said hello,
I knew that you were mine,
And when I met your momma,
Girl I knew that you'd be fine,
We just had to give it time, yeah, [repeat x2]

Every now and then,
You said forever was in mind,
And I swear I didn't mind,
We just had to give it time

[Verse 2]

Young and stupid only take you so,
Far, I mean we got to grow,
I vote we take it slow, I,
Know your jobs and grades important,
shol' would help you study, but I,
Flunked out of algebra studying money,
Look I'm becoming, great,
Just had to stay calm,
through some bad times,
I found my idol's style,
Took a while to find mine,
Like when you got new hairdos,
But had the same mind,
Internet was landline,
So much was different I mean,
We just pretended since we,
Ain't know the difference between,
Love and addiction,
Lust and repetion,
Told my myself you gotta treat dates like auditions,
Guess I did well,
Look at Denzel,
Training days that I passed with no pencil,
Who'da thought seven numbers from a flip cell,
Take it this far,
Now your mother's in law,
And I bought your first diamond,
Pray for my credit card,
I love you

Track Name: Wishful Thinking
[Verse 1]

I specialize in raps that mean something,
King and queen functions,
Real serene luncheons,
Criticized by those who mean nothing,
Grown up McLovins,
Kids who needs hugs and,
My great grams called me "colored" every time we spoke,
My pops had to explain she was getting old,
My granddad cold pimpin' with no furry clothes,
Told my fiance you sowing up some royal oats,
Family ain't perfect, but they loyal though,
Guess that's why I got a thing for imperfection,
"He a nice guy, he from Memphis though,
Never know, he probably got a few connections"
Racism and pit bulls the same price,
Dirt cheap and the first piece can change life,
The fifteenth make your teeth sink and your eyes tight,
We all know it ain't right,
But we stick to Wishful Thinking,

[Hook x2]

Some things don't need a hook,
When they sound this good,
Wishful Thinking

[Verse 2]

They say your dream just a hobby,
Until it pays you,
Well, what you call it,
If it saves you,
This Hip-Hop been with me since grade school,
I ain't really understand,
Till my homeboy looked at me in my eyes,
And said "You blessed to have a plan,
When you're lost your only option,
Is semesters or exams,
When I got caught up in that jam,
You was at the studio,
Club 4am,
You was at the studio",
But I ain't have the heart to tell em',
Same reason he praised me,
Same thing I'm regretting,
He wasn't at the shows
When the audience count was 7,
On 11 hour drives,
just hoping to make connections,
Hear so many no's,
You hit the mirror for yeses,
I was ashamed to tell him,
I thought of different professions,
Until I figured out that it chose me,
Take it easy dawg, See you on the road G,
I'm out

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Slow it down
Chemicals in my food,
Advertisements stuffed inside the places I get the news,
Ever take a day off from selling you,
Before the coffin profit been steering you,
Away from the Gold in the sky,
Here am I again, wasting ink from a pen, finding sense,
Through a rhyme,
Struggle with thin lines,
Realizing how pointless the game is while you're in it,
You'll shoot different from the line,
Coach here I am for another chance,
Sorry for caring bout opinions of another man,
This ain't they wanna hear,
This is something bigger than,
Sink or swim, then I swam,
Built a dam, and switched the Chann,
Who got time for commercials,
Or taking underground roads
Just to go commercial,
Civil rights footage in my head,
Dogs, fire hydrants, sacrifice ya life,
That's the standard in my circle,
Don't ask me why I ride solo
Peace be unto you
Just respect my space,
Peace be unto you,
Just respect my space,
I'm writing so my grandkids won't
Forget my face,
My grandmother wasn't taking pictures of her self,
So I just sit and ask her what was she like at 28,
No lie it wasn't great,
Great depression...
And I really complain bout car notes,
Life is a blessing,
Don't let em lie to ya,
They'll watch ya fall just to buy your shoes,
And tie em for ya,
Something bout a snakes nature,
Do a small favor and they feel like,
They made ya,
That's why I don't deal with music types,
Less I can pay em,
Coming from a man
that's been broke since conception,
It's probably safe to say,
My songs ain't in rotation,
It's all patience,

[Hook x2]

Slow it down, Slow it down, Slow it down....
Track Name: When I Ride
Ay bruh,
Ay buckle up yo seatbelt man, for real
Nah I ain't, I ain't saying I'm your pops or nothing like that. Why you tripping?
I'm just saying man. My partner died behind that. That's all. I'm just saying.

[Verse 1]
Cameras and traffic lights so adjust yo speed
Haters just arrived someone must love me
Shelltoes brand new, hope my jeans don't bleed
Heard Jordan raised his prices so I went OG
Sheriffs in unmarked cars dog remain low key
Keep the drugs out but hide the skittles and iced tea
You know - being black when the sun's out, wit ya funds out
Probably make a doughnut addict go pull his guns out
Deposit twenties, I'm only carrying ones now
Tip money, that's somebody rent money
If it wasn't on clearance then my parents never went near it
Guess I shared their spirit the way that I'm cent hugging
The cable ain't free and the fridge need filling
The wifi slow and the crib just rented
The oven works fine but we microwave dinners
And it stays off my mind as the tires keep spinning
That's why

[Hook x2]
Look I'll never say goodbye
Put the keys in and my soul come alive
Pedal hit the gas and I gain peace of mind
Problems disappear in the wind when I ride

When I ride
When I ride
When I ride

[Verse 2]
Small case of the scatterbrain
Talking to myself about some trials I overcame
Hopefully when at a red light, a stranger that's to my right
Doesn't think I got that bluetooth ear thang, that's kinda lame
That's kinda vain, if that's yo picnic then I won't rain
Trends change at the speed of sound
Your shoes were the truth 'til you bought 'em and walked around
Your friends ran with you 'til you gathered your own style
Ways of a child
Where trucks were Tonka
Sound system was you beatboxing ya favorite number
Speeding into ya uncle's arms
Scrape ya knee and earn yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms
Thought black and mild was a candle scent in yo garage
Tripping, time has wings
85 in the 60s take my mind off things
Play my life as is, but don't rewind my teens
Did my thing then too, the whip was just on E, for real

[Hook x2] + [Bridge]
Track Name: Big Chance
[Verse 1]

This world so temporary,
Probably why you've never seen me,
Stressed out over news,
Favorite past time is relaxing,
And paying dues,
Or dodging lil' traps,
Girls got called missionary,
And if I hit the lotto,
Man I promise I'll never change,
Well, a part of me,
Would like to see better things,
It took a new school year for me,
To get different jeans,
My tapes said biggie smalls,
My socks said Billie Jean,
Evolve by any means
We got the same motto,
Revenue streams leaving trails,
They can't follow
My little cousin told me that he wanna rap just like me,
Rap all you want, man,
Just get a real job though,
32 living with your mom's,
Like when I get this deal,
Homie let's be real,
Be a birthday present,
And move out her crib,
Just play the hand you dealt,
I had to make a new deck myself,
So I know...


There's a big chance that i'll never make a mill,
It's all good,
There's a big chance that i'll never ride benz,
It's all good,
There's a big chance that i'm never fitting in,
It's all good,
Cuz I got you, [repeat x3]

[Verse 2]

All praise be to the rich man,
I don't really like his style,
He getting money though,
I think he out of his mind,
He getting money though,
Guess he's doing something right,
He getting money,
Do an interview,
And tell you something becoming,
Like, I wish I spent more time with my kids,
They really love me, but tell me,
What's time, what's love,
In 20 years you can look at your son,
Like hey bruh, We come from money,
Good times and contradictions,
The mental Kama sutra,
Where you're due to change your position,
The truth remains the same,
It doesn't matter who listens,
Why you think I stay offline,
With my opinions,
Self proclaimed all your stripes,
You look ridiculous,
You're the type to just co-sign,
Whatever's hitting,
Man, love how you're living,
Don't compare your wealth,
Lessons I had to learn by myself,
So I know

Track Name: 5 dollars
5 dollars a day for 5 years,
I could prolly start to create these ideas,
I could average one real friend per lightyear,
Maybe take one vaycay and night stare,
See the stars, see the moon,
Is there a mars, if there is,
I'm coming soon,
Fiending for change makes you talk crazy,
Or look around and accept,
That we're all crazy

[Verse 1]
Thank God that I'm not God,
Wouldn't have had no one to talk to,
But my iPod,
Would've been my responsibility to save this,
My reflection as the only source of faith,
Can't see the day,
And as of late,
Life's tests been giving me F's,
On every page,
I'm blessed but somethings strange,
My head's filled with grenades,
Time's ticking while I could explode,
on any day,
I'm torn by different ways,
Mane, Plagued by self analysis,
I'm thinking too deep,
They cut large checks for the amateurs,
You stand out when the prospects,
Are the mannequins,
But PR's can save bad bars,
So don't fall for the hype,
We all know what they're charging,
Don't fall for the price,
Do it alone, the story of my life,
Deep in the zone, the story of my nights,
Think i'll surface when the time is just right,
Till then it's like


[Verse 2]
They always tell me don't grow up too fast,
They always tell me don't grow up too fast,
But it's too late,
Either I was born at the wrong time,
Or I feel better when I'm out my mind,
But nah I can't relate to,
no one around me,
Drowning in television, blog sites,
That's small sight, I prefer better vision,
Let's chop game,
Whether philosophy or religion,
So and so buying buildings,
Need accountants not opinions,
Constantly asking when my
Album dropping,
Rap ain't my hustle, it's just a get away,
If I ever ever made a million dollars,
That just be one million reasons to my pen away,
Who knows,
For the sake of aspirations,
I might film an Aston Martin,
In the neighborhoods I played in,
Never say I gave you nothing,
Who provided inspiration,
When doubt turns into imagination,
Till then I'm saving....
Track Name: Come As You Are
[Verse 1]
Fame getting cheaper,
The price comes with privacy,
When lame’s bought youtube views,
I bought property,
Rooms to escape in,
Books to lost in,
Cheap wine to sip on,
A back porch to grill on,
Doc told phil he had six months,
It’s been six years,
He laughs when we wakes up,
Now he throw life parties just to celebrate breathing,
Stories like that give life a new meaning,
Make me re-think hip hop,
Maybe move to bermuda and start a gift shop,
Teach kids to pick locks,
Open doors to their mind,
When I was 9, 9’s were cool,
What bloody waste of time,
Blood on sidewalks, what a bloody waste of lives,
I walk through best buy,
Like what a bunch of wasted rhymes,
Believe I’ve studied all of bukowski, hughes,
Both of the carters and recorded till my face turned blue,
Ate the cold pizza,
Till the plates brand new,
The Best advice I ever got,
Was "Make sure you're the same you"

So Come as you are,
Nothing different at all
[repeat x2]

[Verse 2]
This thirst thing’s out of control,
Who’d a thought,
All these small opinions needed a home,
My Homie won’t admit it but his best friend a phone,
Kinda get defensive, so I leave it alone,
That’s called temptation,
Sometimes you gotta fight that,
You know how many messages I get and never write back,
Know many right after the show,
Skewby where you bought to go,
Then I tell her Club pillow,
That’s my way of saying no.
Who ain’t a work in progress,
We all know ain’t nothing new under that prom dress,
accident babies turn up as mom’s best,
Ask my parents,
Hope they’re not embarrassed,
When I’m honest,
I'm on less cause it’s worth more,
Isn’t like I chose to wash up here on earth’s shore,
To sit in your box,
Or play by your rules,
Not to step on your shoes,
But don't change,
Just come as you are,