You Never Know

by Skewby

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released September 28, 2012

Written & Performed by: C.Smith
Produced by: Charlie White
Mastering: Go Judo
Engineering: Go Judo, Charlie White, C.Smith
Graphic design: Richie Palladino



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Skewby Memphis

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Track Name: You Never Know

Guess who's on the come up/
looks like i'm here for a reason/
if you're anything like me, you make sure the radio's off/
'for you even put the keys in/
Ya hear the words "rent due"/
Tryna get paid off a pencil, your mind hits the deep end/
Who said I got time in the day, for that non-sense to play/
I'm aware lames breathing/
Is that a hater inside of me/
Will success make a stranger get tired of me/
When I was sixteen, tryna get seen/
Would I rap different if a DJ replied to me/
Tell a magazine lyrics don't mean much/
and an artist with integrity his dreams suck/
wait till' the cameras on to pick the lean up/
go to war for the free pub/
You never Know..


What if my first single went plat/
left my old hood, never looked back/
You Never Know/
Maybe if I lied in a song/
I could deal with my debt and move on/
You Never Know/
Less being me, more you/
The way to make it all come true/
You Never Know/
Some questions never need answered/
But damn it…
You just never know/

(2nd Verse)

Oh.. street prophet, block poet/
still cop ignoring/
some things never change, unfortunate/
Momma when I get change, new porsches/
Can you see me front page, New yorker/
Old friends, sorry man can't force it/
Everybody told me no, did I forfeit?/
Did I tap dance for em'.. Or go corporate?/
Trick questions that ain't hard/
My grammy speech is "Thank God"/
You ain't gotta wait/
My big homie 8ball/
It's only right i'm coming out hard/
Boy you gotta hate/
Shows in the sunshine state/
Probably show up at my flight late/
Love the palm trees/
With my past, I don't see mistakes/
No regrets, man look at my face/
This is all me/

(Repeat Chorus)